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International Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Summit 2008 - Technology Transfer

International Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Summit 2008

of Claudia Imhoff Colin White Mike Ferguson Seth Grimes William McKnight
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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing have remained at the top of CIO spending intensions for several years and as a result the use of Business Intelligence is growing dramatically. This growth continues because companies recognize the value of BI for reducing costs, increasing revenues, and improving competitiveness. At the same time, the product landscape is changing rapidly with vendor consolidation, new vendors entering the market, and new technologies and products being introduced. Many of these new products offer lower deployment costs, improved ease of use, and support for new types of data like unstructured information and RFID data. Many are also aimed specifically at managing and processing the huge mountains of information being created both inside and outside of organizations.This international conference will provide you with the latest information on developments in the fields of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Enterprise Data Integration. It will not only update you on the latest developments, but also explain how these developments can be exploited for Business benefit.

Main Topics

  • Beyond the Data Warehouse: New Approaches to Business Intelligence
  • Data Streams, Complex Events, and BI
  • BI at Your Service: A Look at the Role of SaaS
  • The Data Appliance Explosion: Using Appliances for Data Warehousing and Analytical Processing
  • Are Low-Cost and Open Source BI Solutions Right for You?
  • Voice of the Customer: Better CRM Through Text and BI Integration
  • Extending the Reach of Data Mining
  • Where are the BI and Data Warehousing Industries Heading?
  • An Evolutionary Approach to Master Data Management
  • Achieving RFID Information Excellence
  • Mining and Delivering Web Content for Business Benefit
  • Exploiting the Power of Search in BI

Previous Editions

From June 11 2008 to June 13 2008

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